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Friday, 19 July 2013

Charity Shop Floral Loveliness

Charity Shop Floral Loveliness

I haven't ventured into my local charity shops much this week, but I did find one or two little things that made me happy.  This picture is of our lovely Hungarian Vizsla, Looloo who celebrates her 7th birthday on the 31st July.  I took this cheerful retro sheet out to photograph in the garden, and she decided it was a good spot for a nap.  Looloo is a sun worshipper and spends all day in the garden when the weather is hot.   The 70's sheet she is lying on came with four pillow cases and the glorious yellow flowers give me vintage happiness.

Next up is this vintage floral curtain for £1.99.  I adore the flowers and once I have taken the hem down, I have a nice piece of vintage fabric.  I wonder whose bedroom this curtain once hung in?

This sweet little jug was a snip at £1.50 from the Cats' Protection League.  There is no stamp on it, but I love it and it's hanging daintily in my kitchen.

The Cat's Protection League is a funny old shop.  It's tiny and has some steep wooden stairs up to a very small room with menswear and bits of china.  To one side of the room they have hung up a shower curtain which separates off the teeny weeny space where they have a sink and obviously make cups of tea.  I was up there the other day and an older lady was behind the curtain, washing up vigorously and singing to herself.  Weirdly, it sounded like she was taking a shower and I had to stifle a giggle!

I love the quirky nature of this type of charity shop; funny how they each have their own identity.  

On different note, I've written a post as a trusted blogger for the Mum Network.  The post is quite different from my usual kind of thing and more personal; it's all about my 'last little one'.   If you want to find out more about me, you can hop on over here and have a read.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday darlings.  GAL x



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    1. Thank you :) Wish I had more time to look this week. GAL x

  2. Be still my beating heart - those yellow flower sheets would go wonderfully in my bedroom!!

    1. I love your bedroom - looks like an oasis of tranquillity!


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