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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Eye candy and a bloggy boost!

It seems that I'm not the only one who is having a little trouble with a lethargic 'sewjo'.  I've read a few blog posts where the authors reflect on the seasonal bleakness of their crafting life; we are all feeling a little 'meh' for one reason or another.  Hmmm, so what to do?

Something that made me smile recently is this little bit of advice from Neil Gaiman for those who are waiting for inspiration to write, sew or whatever creative thing it is you do.  In a nutshell, you just have to get on and do something....anything creative - anything at all.  But, let's also be kind to ourselves and take some time out to browse the books that feed our souls and imaginations and stroke and re-arrange the lovely fabric in our stashes till our hearts sing.  Sometimes we just need a little smackerel of something pretty to get our creative juices flowing.

Here is a little fabric related eye candy to tickle your crafty taste buds and perk up your wilting sewing labido.  My top creative/crafty blog crush has to be Modflowers - for the beautiful pictures of the wonderful things she makes in gorgeous vintage fabrics.  At the moment, the blog is full of all the wonderful vintage clad dolls that Sharon is making with groovy 60's fabric and bits of vintage tray cloths. 

I adore this darling day coat.  Wouldn't it be super to have a giddy aunt sized one of these for high days and holidays or even the school run?!  To have a look at these dolls, complete with groovy scanties, head over to visit Modflowers

If you, like me, are longing for Spring and making plans for your flower garden and veg plot then I can recommend you hop over to Sarah Raven's website.  Just grab a cuppa and take some time to browse the vegetable and cutting garden flower seeds and in particular, the Dahlias.  I love the descriptions of the Dahlia varieties and wow! - don't they make for some stunning floral eye candy?  I would love to have a flower bed full of these dark beauties. My grandfather was a champion dahlia grower and I have vivid memories of the whole of my grandparents country cottage garden filled with dahlias.  For a daily fix of country cottages and gardens, not to mention gorgeous dahlias, you can't beat thedahliagirl on instagram.  

Or, you can always keep up to date with the antics of your favourite giddy aunt on instagram at 

This week I couldn't resist taking some photos of the divine cakes in my favourite local coffee shop, Cocoliscious.  Not only very good coffee but they give their cakes names, like Vicky, Carrie and Snow White - love it! Cakes with personality.

So, with a tiny nugget of spring in my heart, I sowed some broad bean and sweet pea seeds this week and some windowsill herbs - imagine these iconic golden syrup tins filled with basil, parsley and coriander in a few weeks. Can't wait.

  Hope that gave your heart a little whoop.

TTFN. Galx

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  1. I love this and such beautiful photos too. You are so talented and creative lady. I would love to grow my own herbs and spices. In golden maple syrup cans no doubt too. lol Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. I am so happy to have discovered your blog via #AllAboutYou - Thank you for linking!

    I've been inspired to bake a cake this week thanks to your beautiful picture:)

    Angele (cohost #AllAboutYou)

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the cakes and the fact that they have names. The multi-coloured one is just beautiful - too much so to eat! That first window in yellow is stunning. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. It did give my heart a little whoop :) Just started thinking about getting out into the garden myself... can't wait. x

  5. The tip to just get on and get something creative done, no matter what it is, is such a good one for reigniting a flagging sewjo, thanks for sharing it. It so true, when you are feeling that the way is closed, making tiny steps can really ad up, can't they? xx


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