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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Slack Alice Returns!

Hello my bloggy chums!   Here's hoping that you haven't reported me missing in action and that you'll forgive me for being a slovenly old slack alice on the blogging front. 

Just a little re-cap on the end of last year for you incase you were wondering.  December was a bonkers busy month, with me leaving present buying and preparations far too late so that I ended up running around like the proverbial blue bottomed fly trying to get everything done before the big day.  We got there in the end and the highlight of my Christmas was having my baby grandson Fred staying with us for a few days.  So many lovely cuddles and kisses with him and btw have I mentioned how incredibly cute he is?! 

Lot's of lovely pressies were exchanged, sloe gin was tippled and the current husband did his usual outstanding job of producing a marvelous roast turkey lunch with all the trimmings for 14 of us.  Hurrah!  Much as I love Christmas, I was pleased to put the Christmas decs away and welcome in a new year.  I made some quiet resolutions to myself that are on the usual themes of losing some flab, taking more exercise, being more organised and trying some new things.  

I am particularly keen to reduce the size of the unwanted tyre that sits around my midriff.  It makes me feel sluggish and uncomfortable and it HAS TO GO!  I don't do diets and I'm not one for joining a slimming club; I just change the way I eat (and drink).  So, less bread, cheese, alcohol, cappuccinos and sugary nonsense and more whole grains, vegetables and fruity smoothies.  I have a couple of great books filled with recipes that inspire me to eat healthier and not eat toast for every meal. 

I was sent a nifty little pedometer to review and have just begun to put it through it's paces (puntastic).  It's the Ozeri 4xMotion Digital Pedometer and I hope it will be a handy aid to monitoring my (increased!) levels of activity.  What I particularly like about it is it's dinky size; I don't know about you but I don't carry my iphone around the house and garden with me as it's bulky in the pocket of my jeans and I find it uncomfortable to lug one about in a bum bag or have strapped to my arm when I go running.  So, although I know there are apps I can download to my phone that can do the job of a pedometer,this doesn't work for me.  The Ozeri pedometer is lightweight and actually does fit into the pocket of my jeans or waistband of my running bottoms without digging into my fat belly.  It keeps a record of my steps, speed, distance and calories burned so should help me keep an eye on how well I'm doing at ramping up my fitness levels.  If nothing else, I'm curious to see how many steps I actually take in a day as I always seem to be running up and down my stairs at home.

Ah, it's good to be back in the bloggy saddle and my head is bursting with things I want to share with you this year.  I had some super new craft and baking books to inspire me to get making and baking and although Spring might seem like a long way off, I am thinking about flower and vegetable seeds and planning my garden for the coming year.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2015!  

TTFN, Galx



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