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Friday, 24 October 2014

Vintage Forever!

Rumour has it that the love affair with all things vintage is on the decline but I beg to differ, m'lud.  I don't give a hoot if other, less discerning flibbity jibbits have jilted collecting all things vintage in favour of some new fangled hobby, it's Vintage Forever for me.

The upside of any supposed decline in those who collect vintage goodies is that there will be more little lovelies for me to discover and bring home (much to the joy of my current husband).  Although, saying that, I have become a great deal more discerning about what I buy on my charity shop jaunts over the last few months.  I try not to part with my cash without some thought and consideration. Oh yes, we've all been mesmerised by the sirens call of a vintage wonder that turns out to be some tatty tut on closer inspection.  Sometimes the over enthusiastic managers of charity shops put such silly prices on things and I simply bide my time until eventually they see sense and reduce things to a more sensible price.  The lovely teapot above had to wait a few weeks on the shelf before she got reduced to half price and became mine. 

  These days, when out hunting in charity shops, I have started looking for things to sell as well as buying things to keep. I loved the green goddess vintage teacups and saucers above but sold them on for a very good price at the last Kitsch and Stitch Fair.  I miss them, but it gave me pleasure to send them on to a new home to be admired and cherished.

I found this picture for a mere £2.50 last week and this is most definitely a keeper.  It looks like a watercolour by a South African artist called Johnnie de Kock (behave).  It is signed and dated 1979 but honestly, I wouldn't care what it's provenance was, I just love it; the blue hues are wonderful. It needs reframing as the glass and frame are grubby but I like the moody, seasonal atmosphere of it.  Notice the not-so skillful photography with the beams of my dining room ceiling reflected in the glass! What a slovenly old gal I am.

BTW, I am currently fiddling with my blog (ooh err missus!) so please 'bare with' whilst I titivate it using my limited bloggy skills.

TTFN. Galx



  1. I really hope vintage has gone out of fashion, that means more for me and thee!!!

  2. Definitely more vintage for you! I love the teacup and the painting :) Good luck with the tinkling! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  3. Love vintage so I am sure it will stay. At least for us the ones with a great love for vintage #pocolo

  4. what fab finds indeed!
    Vintage forever I say! X

  5. If that's the case it's more goodies all round for the rest of us - huzzah!


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