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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Charity Shop Green Goddess

I adore the colours used in vintage china and this lovely vintage green colour is particularly popular; it's very much in the colour palette that Cath Kidston uses for her products.    I picked up a set of 6 Queen Anne tea cups, saucers and tea plates last week for the reasonable price of £9 and in near enough perfect condition.  As you can see from the photo above, they make lovely little trios and the gold pattern makes me think that the lady who once owned them probably kept them for 'best'.  Perhaps for when the vicar came round to discuss the church flower rota or her cronies visited for afternoon tea and scandal.  

I adore this lime green vase that I found in my local charity shop a couple of weeks before Christmas; it truly makes my heart sing to own this little lovely and I keep sneaking a peak of her as she sits proudly on the window ledge in my dining room.  She was a reasonable £7 and worth every jolly penny in my view; at almost 10 inches tall, this is a good sized vase to use for tulips I think.  

This lovely jug has six equally lovely water glasses to accompany her and I bought them from my first ever Kitsch and Stitch Fair.  I can't actually remember what I paid for them but I had never seen lime green glassware before and I fell in love with them  I think this colour is a bit of a Marmite thing; some people, like me, love it and others find it vile!

I have some Lou rota vintage plate art decals that I plan to use on this pretty little Swinnerton plate that cost a mere 50 p from my local CS.  I have never used decals before, but I have loved Lou Rota's designs for a long time and so was so excited to find this kit.    The flowers on the plate have been hand painted and the decals I have are of hummingbirds which I can visualise sipping nectar from them.  You can find other examples of Lou Rota's work here at Anthropologie; I very badly want this set of Nature Table Dessert Plates!  I'll show you how I get on with the decals sometime.

Sorry for being late with this post; I meant to put it out on Friday in my usual Charity Shop round up but time ran away from me.  I have lots of other bargains that I can't wait to show you next week!



  1. Some very honourable purchases. I just love the tea cup set. Beautiful colour. Don't you just love finding fabulous things in charity shops.

    Over from the Sew darn crafty link up.



  2. i adore lime green SIL xx


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