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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Talented Mr Wilf

Introducing Mr Wilf

It was four years ago that we first met the gentle giant that is Mr Wilf.  When faced with a litter of bouncy friendly pups, it can be very difficult to decide which puppy to choose; on this occasion, it wasn't difficult because Mr Wilf immediately charmed us with his bear-like paws and nervous waggy tail.  He also has a large nose and has the unsociable habit of 'goosing' unsuspecting visitors with it; naughty boy, in your bed!

He has the kind of piercing, human like eyes that tug at your heart strings and leave you wondering if he can read your thoughts.   His unruly mop of hair and oafish manner give him the false appearance of not being very bright and I like to think of him as the Boris Johnson of the dog world.   Underneath those eyebrows lies a clever, gentle and loving soul.  By the way, did we mention that he likes snow?!  He is a cold weather dog and devotedly trots around the garden after my current husband as he gardens in all weathers.

Here he is, looking at the sheep in the next field from the vantage point of the trampoline and wondering when it's dinner time.  As he's a tall chap, Mr Wilf is able to snaffle food that has supposedly been put out of his reach and help himself to some tasty snacks.  The silly boy once ate 12 freshly baked chocolate muffins which he was then made to puke up at the vets as chocolate is bad for dogs; I had to count the paper cases as he vomited them on the grass to make sure they were all out of his system!  Just like a teen-age boy after getting paralytic on cheap cider; bless him.

Mr Wilf is a very vocal young man and has an annoying falsetto bark which he uses when he is nervous or excited and especially when we meet other dogs in the woods.  Like a moody adolescent, he noisily groans and sighs if he is fed up or bored; I could swear that sometimes I've heard him say, 'It's so unfair!' a la Kevin and Perry.

You could not meet a gentler, more loving, sweet natured, more devoted hound than Mr Wilf; he even forgave us for sending him to the vets to have 'the chop' one New Years Eve!  As Donny Osmond once sang, 'And they call it, puppy love'

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  1. so true
    You could not meet a gentler, more loving, sweet natured, more devoted hound xx

  2. So precious! You all are lucky to have him and he is lucky to have YOU!


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