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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sew Dotty!

Sewing Me, Sewing You, Aha!

Total amount of sewing since last week?  A big fat nothing.  I spent a great deal of the last week spring cleaning in preparation for some house guests.  I don't see this as time wasted, as for me there is a big feel good factor in having a clean and tidy house.  Tidy house equals tidy mind and all that.  Then I was distracted by the urgent need to get things done in the garden; there were veg plants that needed to be planted out for fear they would shrivel up and die.  Today should have been a sewing day, but the weeds in the garden were in danger of overwhelming our house, like sleeping beauty's castle.   And when the sun makes an appearance, it's best to rush out and soak up that vitamin D whilst you can.

Back to sewing; I have assembled the necessary ingredients for my proposed sewing project in my tidy dining room.  So what's the sewing plan, Stan?

The Pattern
The girls from By Hand London have produced the Charlotte Skirt, a sexy minx of a high-waisted pencil skirt.  The pattern itself is lovely to behold and states that it is suitable for beginners.  There is an added option to include a peplum or a ruffled bottom (ooh err missus!).  The blurb states that the pattern has been designed for an hour glass figure, which I don't have.  I am slim of hip and thick of waist, but I still think that I can rock this skirt.  I am tempted to add a preplum, but I've got it into my head that they are only for the young and small waisted.

The Fabric
This lovely stretch polka dot comes from  Fabric Godmother.  I think navy polka dots are timeless for Spring/Summer clothing, so I can see myself wearing this with some red wedge sandals and white t-shirt.  The stretch will make it comfortable to wear and hug my hips but more importantly, stretch fabrics are very forgiving if your put on or lose a couple of pounds.  

Fabric Godmother are offering a 15% discount on their stretch cottons at the moment, so hop on over there and have a look.  The one I have is the Laura Spot Cotton Stretch.  I also brought my Charlotte sewing pattern from them.  

By Hand London
The great thing about BHL is not only do they have some great patterns, but they have a 'sew-along' that takes you through each stage of making up the pattern.  So, if you get stuck, you have further pictures and explanations on-line to help; in fact you can even email BHL and ask for tips on pattern adjustments etc

No point in feeling guilty when things don't go to plan; tomorrow is a new day and we should embrace it as another opportunity to be creative, even if that means doing the weeding!

Happy Sewing!




  1. Excellent! Look forrward to seeing your finished skirt and love the navy and dots fabric.

    1. Hi Jeanna,

      Fingers crossed I actually do some sewing this week!

      GAL x

  2. I take my hat off to you for seeing anything at all! Look forward to seeing the finished product for I too am 'slip of hip and thick of waste'!

    1. I will do a show and tell next week, always assuming that I don't get lost in the jungle that is my garden!

      GAL x


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