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Friday, 7 June 2013

Charity Shop Haul

Charity Shop Haul

Every Friday we're going to have a show and tell on the goodies I've found whilst cruising the local charity shops.  Excited?!  There are some great charity shops locally and it's always a bit hit or miss as to what you find.  There have been many weeks, when I have found nothing at all and others, when I have found a gem.  It's all relative of course, because what's a bargain to me, might be a load of old tut to you.

This week I visited a small town near my home which boasts 9 charity shops and found some bargains.  My favourite shop is run by Cancer Research; it's a dark little boudoir manned by some chatty older ladies and camp young men.  The prices are reasonable, the quality good and the service excellent.

I found this kitsch little ice bucket for £3.  I love it so much and have been looking for something like this for ages.  It's 1970's and the sort of thing that Beverley from Abigail's' Party would have on her drinks trolley.  There is an identical ice bucket being sold here, but I didn't buy it to sell on.  Darlings, if one is having a cocktail evening then a snazzy little ice bucket is a must.

There are very few old school charity shops these days; the type run by little old ladies who make the prices up as they go along.  But there are a couple in this town and I squandered £1 on a spring-form cake tin and a further £1 for three and half meters of fabric.  The fabric is a floaty voile and quite narrow in width, as vintage fabrics often are.  I can see it working well as a summer nighty or pj bottoms for my twelve year old daughter (watch this space!).

I also found these copper moulds for £2.50 each.  I will probably put them up in my kitchen although I will be careful which way up I hang the lobster mould (matron!). There was a lush table cloth and a set of little glasses perfect for drinking sloe gin from from on a cold night.

My current husband (I like to keep him on his toes), found himself a hammock for £4 in our local hospice charity shop; unused and now strung up in the garden (the hammock not the husband).   He also picked up this set of blue glass dessert dishes for a fiver at a boot fair as he passed by.

Ooh, and I almost forgot about the skinny jeans that I found for £4 that fit perfectly and look unworn.  Hurrah!  

So, a good week, and I am a happy GAL.

Anyone else found a bargain this week?




  1. Love the old fashioned cocktail glasses and the very colorful sponge cake! Stopping by from Slammin' the Screen Door & Sew Many Ways :)
    Shelly Jack

    1. Hi Shelley, so nice to connect to you across the ocean! I know exactly what you mean about UFO's! Although, I am a great planner and dreamer and this doesn't always translate to a physical end product. I look forward to reading more posts from you x

  2. Hi, so glad to have found someone else who enjoys charity shop jaunts. My family think I am a bit nuts although my children love the treasure trove of toys that we usually find

    1. Hi Lauren, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment - there are so many other girls out there in the blogosphere who love charity shops too x


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